On the 5th of December, the BBI 2020 Proposal Development Workshop took place in Brussels where Leitat presented the Liberate project to the participants.

For the second time this year, Sustainable Innovations Europe will carry out a Proposal Development Partner Workshop, a specialized EU-based initiative that intends to enhance and facilitate partner collaboration for H2020 proposals by offering unique PRESENTATION, CONCEPT & IDEA GENERATION modules.

The BBI 2020: Proposal Development Workshop is aimed at those who challenge our current proposal development process and dare to do something about it. It is comprised of 30 multi-cultural partners from diverse and complementary expertise with the same objective to initiate proposal development for BBI 2020 calls.

Designed from our past successful methodologies, the workshop is built upon dynamic partner presentations as they communicate & disseminate their existing EU projects. The event costs are completely justified under the present EU projects within C&D as networking links with other cross-sectorial EU BBI projects.

The intention of the workshop is to bring together top European players active in the BIOECONOMY so that they may share their respective projects, approaches, exchange best practices and provide ideas an concepts in order to establish a shared mindset for the development and possible implementation of new projects.