On the 23th of March, the Liberate consortium met virtually through video-conference due to COVID 19 pandemic. It was just one year from our first meeting online because of the sanitary crisis. In January 2021, after asking to the European Commission, the end of the project was delayed 3 months (from September 2022 to December 2022), to adapt the activities to the current situation. But, in any case, LIBERATE did not stop and our objectives are every day close to be achieved.

During the meeting, partners exchanged recent advances in the project such as the last test at lab scale to optimise the conditions from the pilot, design and manufacturing of the pilot plant, as well as the work planned for the techno economic validation of the processes with the selection of different test cases for the application of the technology, including upstream and downstream examples. Apart from that, several collaborations with other projects and entities are in progress and the impact from our partners and results is higher than one year ago.

Thanks to technology, we can implement this amazing project doing meeting online like that. But all partners agreed physical meetings should return to our lives as they never had to be disappeared.